Magic Carpet Skies in November Downtown

Posted: Oct 26, 2023 8:14 PMUpdated: Oct 31, 2023 2:22 PM
Ever dreamed of taking a magic carpet ride but afraid of heights? Well, now’s your chance to enjoy the thrilling experience without having to leave the ground.

All thanks to Friends of Downtown Pensacola, the creative and generous folks who brought you Bubble Alley in 2022 and the Umbrella Sky in 2017.

Magic Carpet 2023 is a spectacularly colorful 10,000 sq. ft. “living” outdoor mosaic that will be suspended over Museum Plaza and officially launches November 2 along with the start of the annual Foo Foo Festival.

Designed by the artists of ImpactPlan Art, based in Águeda, Portugal, Magic Carpet is comprised of 48,000 translucent, vividly colorful rectangles stitched together with wire filament. The effect is an overhead magic carpet that paints dancing polychrome patches of color across buildings and sidewalks as the light and breezes change during night and day.

The experience is free and openly accessible to the public and offers fabulous photo opportunities to young and old alike.

The dazzling display will remain aloft through the 12-day festival, and for a few weeks thereafter.
Magic Carpet:

  • Is free of charge
  • Is open day and night
  • Is open all 9 days of Foo Foo Festival
  • Has no age requirement
  • Requires no tickets for admission
  • Is handicapped accessible
  • Is centrally located
  • Has places to sit
  • Serves as a gathering place for photos, small events and sidewalk entertainment throughout the Foo Foo Festival.

Photo: Magic Carpet, Bourges, France, by ImpactPlan Art Productions