Jacksonian Guard Colors Ceremony - Every 3rd Saturday

Plaza Ferdinand Pensacola, FL

Sponsored by Visit Pensacola & UWF Historic Trust, the Jacksonian Guard is a Pensacola re-enactment group of Jacksonian era and Spanish soldiers, fifers, and drummers who perform a Colors Ceremony once a month, every third Saturday at 12 noon, in Plaza Ferdinand, on Palafox Street Downtown Pensacola. The ceremony commemorates Pensacola's 195th Birthday & Florida as a U.S. Territory. While Pensacola has a storied history spanning almost 500 years, the most important thing has been its ownership and development by the United States. This inception occurred on July 17, 1821 and was conducted by U.S. army troops under the command of the first governor, Andrew Jackson. The site where the transfer of ownership happened—Plaza Ferdinand—still exists. The Jacksonian Guard, which is sponsored by Visit Pensacola and West Florida Historic Preservation, honors this great American event in period 1821 uniforms, offering military salutes, manual of arms, fife and drum music, and a transfer of Spanish flag to a replica 23-star U.S. flag that first flew over the Plaza. The Jacksonian Guard consists of mainly students ages 12 (drummer) to 29 (Fifer). They are young to represent the youthful composition of Jackson’s army and the great talent that exists among our youth today in Pensacola. Membership is open to any area youth willing to perform in this important ambassadorial function. Inquiries should be addressed to Pamela Homyak 850-206-7231 or Wesley Odom at [email protected] or 850-466-5220.

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Jacksonian Guard

(850) 466-5220 The 3rd Saturday of each Month, 12 Noon - 12:30pmPlaza Ferdinand