Game On! Digital Trivia

130 E Government Street Pensacola, FL

Are you any good at Jeopardy? Do you remember “Let’s Make A Deal”? Can you play “Name That Tune”? Then Seville Quarter’s new “Game ON” Digital Trivia Night is right for you! Every Tuesday night, Seville Quarter is hosting a Digital Trivia Night, with a Smartphone twist. 21st Century revolutionary Smartphone Trivia has taken over the Pensacola Trivia Scene. Game ON Trivia is a friendly competition with Great Food and Cold Craft Beers. Don’t forget to bring your cell phone and a group of friends, or just play solo with like-minded Trivia Gamers. Game On Trivia is free to play; please be considerate to the other players. It's Game ON starting at 8 pm every Tuesday Night in Apple Annie’s.