Pensacon Dungeon Crawl Scavenger Hunt

121 S Palafox Place Pensacola, FL

First, pick your class: Cleric, Rogue, Fighter, Wizard. Then, register at Ye Olde 5 Barrel to begin your quest. The lands of Pensacola can be treacherous for even the most seasoned travelers, so take heed. Your journeys will take you to deep into the Center of the Bay where you’ll encounter Dragons, Demogorgons, Deadpools and other such eldritch beings. Watch out as you encounter these wondrous, otherworldly and sometimes hideous creatures. Be courteous and ask before taking pictures. Stock up on social media spells and posting potions and score points for your bravery. Return to Ye Olde 5 Barrel once your quest is complete and you’ll be richly rewarded: PRIZES: 1st Place Prize: ($180 value) [Highest scoring contestant] • $25 Gift certificate • The 5 Barrel t-shirt • 2021 Pensacon Dungeon Crawl pint glass (and a beer) • The Comic Book History of Beer • D&D Journal Beer Tasting Book • The 5 Barrel 2021 Bootlegger Membership Fellowship Prize: ($45 value) [The next nine highest-scoring contestants] • $10 Gift certificate • The 5 Barrel t-shirt • 2021 Pensacon Dungeon Crawl pint glass (and a beer) Tournament Honors: [The next 30 highest scoring contestants] • 2021 Pensacon Dungeon Crawl pint glass (and a beer) RULES: • Must have a Pensacon badge. • Must be 21+. • Must have either a Facebook or Instagram account and must either “Like” or follow The 5 Barrel (depending on which platform is used) at registration. • All posts must be public to earn points. • All posts must tag @Pensacolapensacon and @the5barrel. • All posts must include the hashtag #PensaconDungeonCrawl. • Gameplay ends at 5 pm on Sunday, May 23 (no posts made after this time will be scored). • Final check-in must be registered by 5:30 pm that day. • All scavenger hunt targets are open to interpretation within reason: Is Dr. Strange a wizard? Is Batman a knight? Does a lightsaber count as a sword? • You must achieve at least 100 points to be eligible for a prize. • Scoring ties will be broken by order of final check-in. • Final scoring and prizes will be announced at 6 pm, Sunday May 23 or as soon thereafter as possible. • Prizes not claimed by 7 pm Sunday, May 23 will be forfeited.