The Revolutionists

306 N DeVilliers St Pensacola, FL

In 1793, known as The Reign of Terror during the French Revolution, four women fought for equality, justice, and their place in history. Three are real historic women (Olympe de Gouges – a playwright, Charlotte Corday – the assassin of Jean Paul Marat, and Marie Antoinette – the infamously dethroned queen) and the fourth character is a compilation of the strong women in Saint Domingue who fought against racism and gender inequality. While the story is a creatively imagined meeting of these women, and it takes place almost 230 years ago, many of the issues remain relevant today. The play will make you laugh, think, and feel. Tickets on Eventbrite Information - 850-857-8961

Hosted At

The Gordon Community Art Center

(850) 857-896111am - 5pm Today306 N DeVilliers St