Cards Against Humanity Tournament at Emerald Republic Brewing

1414 W Government St., Pensacola, Fl Pensacola, FL

Gather your slightly terrible and more-inappropriate-than-average friends for our next Cards Against Humanity tournament. ____ Teams of up to 4-6 for will battle until the bitter end with prizes throughout the night. ____ RULES: The host will read off a black card and each team member chooses one card from their hand to play. Once all team members have played a white card the teams reveal each member's card and decides as a team on the best card. That card is then given to the host who then reads the cards off from every team. The team whose card is chosen as the best card by the host wins a point. The team with the most points at the end of the night takes the grand prize. ____ Check-in and setup at 6:30 to reserve your spot and register your team. Gameplay starts at 7:00 sharp. WARNING: This is obviously not appropriate for human children or people who are easily offended. Fur-babies welcomed. ____ Eclectic Eatz out front with food!