AMERICAN MARIACHI by Jóse Cruz González

306 N DeVilliers St Pensacola, FL

For the first time in Pensacola, PenArts presents AMERICAN MARIACHI. Set in the 1970's, it tells the story of a young woman who wants to play mariachi music for her mother, who is slipping into early onset dementia. It is the music that "brings her mother back" though. At the time, mariachi was considered a "male artform" and her father forbids his daughter from playing mariachi music. However, she is determined to play for her mother and gathers an unlikely group of women to form a mariachi band. AMERICAN MARIACHI is a touching tale told with humor and is a universal story of love, family, and is memory.

Hosted At

The Gordon Community Art Center

(850) 857-896111am - 5pm Today306 N DeVilliers St