203 W Gregory St Pensacola, FL

Haunted Pensacola Victorian Bed and Breakfast Investigation with Equipment Join the members of Second Sight Paranormal TV for a fully equipped Ghost Investigation at the Pensacola Victorian Bed & Breakfast. Haunted Overnight Rooms are also available! We will provide ghost-hunting equipment, but feel free to bring your own! Audio equipment & digital cameras are allowed. Pensacola Victorian Bed & Breakfast 203 W Gregory St, Pensacola, FL 32502 850 941 4321 Location's Haunted History: Built by ship captain William Northup in the 1890s, this inn is home to some mysterious happenings. Witnesses have heard sounds with no apparent source, including classical music and children playing and giggling. The apparition of a woman in a Victorian nightgown has been noted, and the smells of cooking breakfast have been detected long before the kitchen was open.