The Magic Carpet

300 S Tarragona Street Pensacola, FL

Magic Carpet 2023 is a 10,000 sq. ft. “living” mosaic taking flight over Museum Plaza in the heart of historic Downtown Pensacola from Friends of Downtown Pensacola, created by internationally renowned ImpactPlan Art Productions. The colorful art installation is part of the 2023 Foo Foo Festival taking place Nov. 2-13th. Featuring 48,000 translucent rectangles of vivid color painstakingly stitched together with wire filament, Magic Carpet gives visitors the opportunity to experience Pensacola’s vibrant culture and art scene—to enjoy live music, theatrical performances, art shows, fitness events, celebrations, cultural gatherings, outdoor dining and more under a skyborne Magic Carpet inspired by traditional mosaic art. Foo Foo Fest is a 12-day celebration each fall, with culturally creative happenings, events and moments under one banner, attracting visitors to beautiful Pensacola, Florida. Foo Foo Fest is big fun, with events of high artistic and cultural caliber, delivered with a hefty dose of Southern sophistication. Read about all the great Foo Foo events at