3 Fall Festivals that We are Feeling

Posted: Aug 07, 2023 03:32 pm Updated: Jan 23, 2024 10:30 am

Fast forward to late September downtown. The cool breeze is a biblical relief for locals that know just how magical the fall can be in Pensacola. The dark blue skies and fading sun rays are annual signs that festival season is here, and there are three upcoming fall festivals that you won't want to miss!

Pensacola Seafood Festival

The Crawfish always boil, the Mullett usually toss, and the shrimp can really do the ’etouffee.  Let your plate be the stage at this festival which features flounder, snapper, crawfish, mahi and mussels of all sorts. Wash it down  with an IPA from the Pensacola Bay Brewery. (Sep 29-Oct 1)

The Great Gulfcoast Arts Festival

Six hundred unique booths make this festival worth seeing over three days. The variety fuels a kind of consumer wanderlust that helps support local artists for the entire year. Judges also award the very best, and every year the competition grows an already diverse and amazing group of displays. Tip: this is a great place to buy unique holiday decorations and gifts ahead of the busy season. (November 3-5)

Foo Foo Festival

The newcomer of these festivals is quickly rising on the downtown cultural calendar. Bay Area Bourgeois are circling the first two weeks in November.  Last year, Bela Fleck performed a soulful set that delighted fans. Bubble Alley captivated the city and created substantial "buzz" downtown. Visual treats, world-class food, and soulful music are the norm downtown during the Foo.

Reviews have been outstanding.  Critics say it's a long overdue dose of high culture in the city. 

"It's no big deal, though. Don’t make it a thing," says Andrea Russo, hipster and mother of three. "Or do," she shrugs. (November 2-13, 2023)