DIB Addressing Noise Problem Downtown

Posted: May 14, 2024 02:14 pm Updated: May 14, 2024 02:16 pm

To curb the ill effects of loud noise pollution in the downtown district, the Pensacola Downtown Improvement Board is deploying additional police officers to crack down on drivers who cause disturbance noise. Beginning May 17 Pensacola Police Dept. will issue citations to violators. The fine for a non-moving violation such as noise is $116. Normal moving violations are $166, but racing, wheelies, and other moving violations could result in criminal charges or higher fine amounts.


Intentional noise has long been a problem for those who visit, work and live downtown, according to DIB executive director Walker Wilson. “Unfortunately there are a small number of drivers and motorcycle riders who flout the city’s noise regulations, and the level of sound can be unbelievable,” he said. Motorcycles and cars with exhaust systems illegally modified to boost noise and power, sudden or rapid acceleration, and car sound systems with excessive bass, are particular problems. Wilson says that to address the noise issue, it’s become necessary to enforce the local ordinances targeting individuals who modify their car exhaust systems and play music excessively loud. 


The assignment of additional officers to help turn down the volume is welcomed by downtown merchants and property owners who see the undue noise as a big deterrent to families and individuals who visit and live downtown. “Pensacola offers a unique culture not seen anywhere else,” said downtown property owner Bobby Switzer. “Our history, proximity to pristine beaches, and small town values make it the ultimate destination for those looking for an escape. I think I speak for the whole city when I say we all want Palafox to be harmoniously lively and relaxing for residents and tourists alike. We are ecstatic to support the increased presence of the police and sound monitoring in an effort to minimize nighttime disruptions. We don't want to be the new Bourbon Street. We want to make our own culture that allows relaxation all the time, liveliness on your own time.”


Pensacola City Council Member Allison Patton agrees. “I am excited to see the DIB and Pensacola Police Department partnering on this initiative to address excessive vehicle noise in downtown Pensacola,” she said. “This is an important step forward to improve the outdoor experience of residents and visitors to our downtown.“


“Excessive noise has always been illegal, it’s just that we haven’t had the resources to enforce against it before,” added Wilson. “The DIB appreciates the support in this effort from Mayor Reeves and Police Chief Eric Randall.”