DIB Invites the Public to Vote for New Alley Name

Posted: May 15, 2019 07:30 pm Updated: Oct 18, 2023 12:27 am

The Downtown Improvement Board (DIB) is inviting the public to choose a name for a new “activated” alleyway behind the Jefferson St. Garage, creating a shared space for entertainment, dining and community events. Votes can be submitted here.

The four names under consideration are inspired by Pensacola’s multicultural heritage and include: 

  • The Mews — a British term for a safe, traffic-free environment often found along quiet, cobbled lanes
  • Belle Ruelle — French translation for “Beautiful Alley”
  • Allées des Papillon — French translation for “Butterfly Alley”
  • Callejon Panzacola — Spanish translation for “Panzacola Alley”. Panzacola was a name of Native American origin that Spain later adopted as the name of the area

“Our goal with the name is to pay homage to Pensacola’s rich history while creating a fresh, new space for all to enjoy,” said Executive Director of the DIB, Lissa Dees, “We want the public to be a part of this exciting project, and we look forward to seeing which name comes out on top.”

The alley is currently undergoing significant improvements from pressure-washing and improved lighting to artistic ground painting and landscaping in preparation for the official opening. The alley will offer a colorful canvas for the community to come together in a fun and imaginative setting.

In addition to these improvements, the DIB has removed the guard shack from the entrance of the Jefferson St. Garage, restriped the entrance and exit lanes and painted three of its exterior walls. “The safety and aesthetic appearance of the garage and the surrounding area are important to downtown visitors and to us,” said Dees, “and we love being able to transform this space into something for residents, business owners and visitors to enjoy.”