Downtown Improvement Board taking steps to make downtown a safe and secure place

Posted: Jan 21, 2020 04:17 pm Updated: Oct 18, 2023 12:18 am

As downtown Pensacola continues to grow, the Downtown Improvement Board is investing in technology, partnerships and infrastructure to make the 44-block district safe and secure for those who work, live and play downtown.

One of the ways the DIB is addressing safety is through collaborative relationships such as one forged with the City of Pensacola Community Redevelopment Agency in December, which put two additional dedicated patrolmen on downtown streets. The DIB also drove an initiative that paired Pensacola Police Dept. and private industry to combine police surveillance cameras with private security systems installed in and around downtown businesses. With access to a more comprehensive view of the area, the police are able to intervene faster and more knowledgeably if and when an incident occurs.

“The DIB district is rapidly evolving with a lot of moving parts,” said Lissa Dees, DIB executive director. “Our challenge is to approach difficulties and opportunities with innovative solutions so we can create and maintain a safe, secure environment for everyone who enjoys downtown.”

In addition to new law enforcement officers and shared surveillance video, here are some of the other ways the DIB is addressing the important work of keeping downtown safe:


LED Lights in DIB Parking Lots and Jefferson St. Garage

Lights in the DIB-managed North Palafox lot were replaced by City of Pensacola Public Works with brighter, safer LED lights, and an upgrade to the lights at the Tarragona St. lot was completed by Next Era Energy. Lights in the Jefferson Street Garage were completely replaced with LED lights in 2019.


After-Hours Ambassador in the Jefferson St. Garage

A graveyard-shift DIB ambassador is now patrolling the Jefferson Street Garage during the late evening-early morning hours.  


Security Monitors

Security monitors were installed in the DIB office, accessible to police officers assigned to patrol the downtown area.


Jefferson Alley

The once-dark and empty alley between the Jefferson St. Garage and the rear of Palafox businesses is now a well-lit active community space with plants and planters, paint, lights and planned public art.


Parking App

Downtown visitors need not exit the security of their cars to pay to park in DIB-managed parking lots, on-street parking or the Jefferson St. Garage, now that the DIB has launched its Passport Parking app.

[PHOTO: Laura Bogan Photography]