Meet the New Downtown Pensacola Cleaning Ambassadors

Posted: May 07, 2019 03:07 pm Updated: Oct 17, 2023 11:27 pm

You may have noticed two new individuals dressed in bright green DIB "Clean Ambassador" shirts and jackets. Lori and Jeremy are diligently working along downtown sidewalks and streets, stopping often to assist visitors (and injured baby birds, just ask Lori).

Lori and Jeremy recently joined the DIB after being hired locally through StreetPlus, a 25-year-old cleaning, maintenance and hospitality service company that maintains more than 70 business improvement districts in the U.S. Each completed an extensive, 80-hour “Ambassador Academy” training program that included tracks on topics such as emergency response, cultural diversity and extreme customer service, and a session on the history, culture and current events of Downtown Pensacola.

Their responsibilities include a wide range of tasks including litter collection, sidewalk cleaning, graffiti removal, pressure-washing and landscaping. But that’s not all; Lori and Jeremy are friendly with engaging and outgoing personalities and their extensive training also makes them great guides for Downtown Pensacola ready to offer directions and share information about attractions, events and other fun activities available in the district. If you happen to meet them on the sidewalk, be sure to say hello!